Blue Pottery

Five important things you should know before buying blue pottery motifs

Five important things you should know before buying blue pottery motifs. The city of Multan in Pakistan is famous for its blue pottery items and the symbol of an ancient culture. The various designs on the pottery are handmade and represent the past of each style. During the past,  blue pottery was made white clay on the wheels of potters and now has some new techniques.

Blue pottery making process and materials

White clay, waste glass, Saaji, Katria Gond, and quartz stone make blue pottery products. The pottery has individually crushed each substance in small fragments and created a fine powder. Then they take a different quantity and mix each stuff. The combination is kneaded correctly and makes a mixture to produce various potteries

Once you make the forms, let them dry for a couple of hours and paint with blue dye. When the colour is dry, pottery is glazed, and the stone and the colour are durable. Most of the blue pottery ignited it with a high flame, some with low heat.

Glazing and heat are essential to the consistency of the substance, and poor glazing often lightens the colour. Therefore, before buying pottery products, buyers should consider a few things, particularly for kitchens.

Beware about blue pottery product

Lead and cadmium are two glazing and light paint components, but they are poisonous. The toxic content is dangerous and hazardous, mainly if you use blue pottery in your kitchen. Five important things you should know When you buying blue pottery motifs, the most crucial thing is that it does not contain any contaminants to keep the food safe and stable.

Always choose the best product

Pottery plates or dishes containing plum or cadmium can crack or burst in the fridge because of extremely low or high temperatures. The buying of pottery at a random or unapproved site can be unsafe for you.

You will then choose healthy pottery items from the authentic marketplace for microwave, oven, dishwasher, and refrigerator.

You should stop purchasing tableware or a tea service if the piece is of a different colour and has been manufactured in different countries, making it inconsistent. Weakly glazed and D-shaped pottery should also be avoided since they are unsafe and durable.

Design in Blue pottery

Blue pottery is an art in itself which represents ancient traditions. You should select pottery pieces that are created because of their beauty.

Blue pottery, which is some of the bricks on the sides, is valuable because they are handmade and do not care about the defect of the component. Nature can vary slightly from other pieces because they are handmade, and this is quite simple.

You are here because you want to buy a blue pottery and wonder where to purchase pottery. In Multan, the home of blue pottery, are several stores.

Blue pottery shop in Multan

Shops are situated in the Institute of blue pottery Multan (Near Mumtaz Abad),  Kila Kuhna Qasim Baagh, and Multani Blue Art (Near T. Chowk Shah Rukn-e-Alam Colony). It is also situated in Lahore, next to  Liberty Road, next to the Anarkali Bazaar, on Food Street and Minar-e-Pakistan. It can also be used in Gujrat and Gujranwala.

Worldwide Handicrafts Available Online Stores

If you are an online customer and search for a credible source that sells non-toxic, glazed, and assured blue pottery goods at fair prices there are many online stores are working but Multani Blue Art is one of the best and reliable options you have to buy Blue Pottery online or you can visit their Physical store.

They promise the highest price and promise a 1000 year colour warranty on each piece. The brochure gives you full guidance, information, and items to help you preserve most of your handcrafted pottery if you purchase it from this website.

There are many shipping pottery websites in Pakistan, such as Amazon, Daraz. Instead of Multani Blue Art, these are sites from various vendors only for handicrafts and handmade products.

These include kitchen utensils, art pieces, vases, boxes of jewelry, woodworks, accessories for camel leather, block printed sheets, and pottery in a different type all at a fair price. Multani Blue Art blue pottery offers a wide range is a tradition to maintain its standard and promoted in this digital century.