Blue Pottery

Famous Blue Pottery in Pakistan – Blue Pottery of Multan

The city of St. Multan is one of southern Pakistan’s historical and artistic cities in the Punjab, which knows Gara, Garma, Garda, and Gulistan. Such a city is famous not only for the Sufi sanctuary, the Sweet Sohan halwa, and Tilla Hussar. But It is also famous for Pottery products like Blue Pottery Ceramics.

Blue ceramics, also known as Kashi Kaari, were introduced 100 years ago by local craftsmen, whose professions were influenced by China, Iran, and the Mongols. It is widely known that Kashi’s efforts began in Kashgar, a city in western China.

Over time, Kashi’s mission in Multan is increasing its unique, attractive, and local diversity. Most of the Multan places are masterpieces of Kashi art. The mausoleum, mosque, and wing of the Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan, Shah Ali Akbar Shah Rukne Alam, are masterpieces of the model in which Kashi worked in ceramics.

The clay brick used to make these pots from Peshawar, Gujarat Tarparkar, Mansehra, is made manually from an alloy of white and red porcelain clay. This type of Chinese clay was previously obtained from waterways and rivers. However, canals and rivers expected from the contaminated water of existing water control mountain clay to form a basin. White is the primary color, and blue is the fresh effect of Multan’s warm weather.

Now yellow, green, red, as well as these colors of the collection are old to make sketches more attractive. Multani Blue Pottery is distinguished by a clay mixture (red and white), while in other sectors of the world, these pans are white clay crackers. A gas heater is used to heat this item in 1200 climatic conditions, and rare metallic colors pour out to paint the design.

Suitable for heating, it has become the actual color of black. it is the difference in the center of experts Natasha and Natasha. “While Kashi Kari is made of clay from leather, Kashi also knows what Kari created in clay plates. Master Angoor bail Kashi candidate numerous design numbers, more points in the popular TD Kashi.

Multan Master never draws a design. It is flat style craftsmanship with a brush that I designed. These scrub brushes are made along the tail of the tread. The creators of the Pakistani people and blue poetry did not use buy-ins to buy these brushes independently. These brooms are currently also available at points of sale in Pakistan.

Kashi Kari is not limited to pottery, except for Kashi’s work, home furnishings are prepared on dishes for the building and level. Ceramics and ceramics are aware of a thousand (1000) years. This art is appreciated all over the world and gets its name Under the name Blue Pottery.

However, it is not enough for the suffering master to defend the city’s traditional blue pottery. It is temporary in the long run due to the result’s low cash value and slow sales. And, unfortunately, this homemade art looks honestly like door-to-door pottery.

Multani Blue Art products help support this art, disseminate information about Multani Pottery, easily read blue ceramics for everyone, and help the master, our real artist.

Multani Blue Pottery Products

Tea Set – Blue Saga

Tea Set – Bull-Tag Design

A tea set is our supreme collection. It features a benefits blue Mughal Kashe pattern and represents a Mughal traditional view. Enjoy your tea time with family and friends, and make exciting thoughts

Tea Set – Blue Saga Design

Tea Set – Blue SagaThis Multani Pottery is also classified as ceramics made out of white clay. These are delicate products. Stay away from children ‘s control. Should not use sharp surfaces during washing, this set was trendy and frequently used in the hostel industry. The name originated from the Serena hotel chain. Tea is thought to be a life potion and served in beautiful cups crafted by some hand, it is strange. Our iconic kit is crafted to build ‘Kuch Khaas’ for your table and moments. It’s just as sweet as buttons, and the sugar pot shape and bowl are more attractive.

Flower Design Tea Set

Flower Design Tea SetIt is a beautiful tea set. It looks classic and elegant. They almost look identical to the Rich Royal Albert is our supreme collection; it is shaping decorates your kitchen and practically serves your guests, but with excellent refinement. The price is also right because it includes creamer and sugar.

Tea Set

Rainbow Tea SetThis teapot set Elegant color, and rainbow design makes the centerpiece of any counter table a cute decoration to your oven and kitchen transportable fine mesh strainer for any tea lower needs. With its tangled pattern, this ceramic tea set comes with shaking colors combined with a blue finish touch. It also represents a traditional view with a modern positive vibe. Pretty and functional in your kitchen.

Cover Mug – Sohna

This pretty Sohna cover mug is our supreme collection combined with Mughal pattern and represents. This simple but elegant design and you can take the time to enjoy it as the lid helps your hot drinks stay hot longer. If you love the traditional style Mug, you are in the right place.

One-Sided Flat Flower Vase

One-Sided Flat Flower VaseIt is a Classic One-Sided Flat Flower Vase. It is decorated with an authentic blue and white Pakistani export Multani Blue Art craft design and has a slightly cracked ice crack on the glaze. Show alone or in joints with freshly cut, dried, or silk flowers. Both formal and modern interiors

Salad Dish

Salad Dish offers the whole dish to barbecue, salads, and more a deep blue mix template. It is free of antlers and mercury from the handmade Multan, Pakistan center by skilled artisans from natural white clay. It can be easily used in the refrigerator, easy to rinse, dishwasher for daily use.

Salad Dish Satrangi

Salad Dish SatrangiPull out the fancy Salad Dish without fear of breaking. Rooster Blue cookie jar Cover your table with reliable indoor and outdoor dishes and French and Italian-inspired designs, focusing on innovative heavy, unbreakable melamine tiles and glassware.

Small Planter Pot

Small Planter Pot decorated with the classic blue and white export pattern of the Ming Dynasty, a detailed Asian landscape motif with mountains and pagodas. Ideal for houseplants, living or dried flower arrangements, or lucky bamboo. This design drilled a hole in the ground to water living plants.

Tiny Flower Vase – Unaab

Tiny Flower Vase – UnaabThis ceramic vase, hand-painted in crispy indigo with a white flower pattern, Decorate your home in style! You will find the right elements to strengthen your home decor, from modern to old, traditional to adaptable. Every piece is sophisticated and informative.

Unique Flowers Vase III

The vase is respectable. The vase has a beautiful appearance and a different design. Whether it is a celadon vase or a white Pakistani vase or a colored blue and white vase, it is often used as a decorative presentation. It has an excellent collection value and decorative value.


Charagh Blue SagaCharagh Wonderful, unique handcrafted addition to everywhere like a room in your home or office. Chinese antique blue & white candlestick lamp. In cyan-blue with a hemp seam attached, this special version is available to you!

Dinner Set Range

This beautiful Royal Mughal ceramic tableware set of 58 pics made of 8 people’s light indigo blue is a must for every dining table. The style is classic and blues indigo with a delicate, textured swirl and leaf pattern. The brightly glazed blue ceramic is a unique art form that has its roots in ancient Turkey.

Dinner Set

Dinner Set – Blue SagaYou all probably should have guessed this masterpiece, this lovely, royal blue Mughal hand-prepared ceramic tableware package of 58 portraits made of 8 people. The potter made a great effort to make such a beautiful and unique art.

Combining blue sea and white cream with the flower pattern is a fantastic imagination that can be found in this piece. Meet the fabulous and prestigious, blue Mughal dinner set, with stone. The total height of the plate Can be used in the microwave securely. Easy to clean dishwasher for everyday use.

Dinner Set – Rainbow

Dinner Set – Rainbow

This lovely blue ceramic was a dinner set from the Imperial Mughal background. The rainbow design for every item included in the collection is a must for any dining table. It has a timeless style that mixes the indigo blue and excellent swirl. Lustrous, light-colored glazed blue pottery, the origin of which is an ancient turkey, and these items, available in varied sizes and styles, serve food in homes, restaurants, and hotels.

Jungle Flower Dinner Set

Jungle Flower Dinner SetIt is a beautiful tea set. It looks classic and elegant. They almost look identical to the Rich Royal Albert is our supreme collection; it is shaping decorates your kitchen and practically serves your guests, but with excellent refinement. The price is also right because it includes creamer and sugar.




Nad e Ali – Rainbow

Nad-e-Ali – RainbowNad e Ali handmade by a craftsman. A unique and elegant style that shows a multi-color product is also an extremely strong and beautiful wazaif if anyone stirred this product in your home walls. God tells us vision, but how can we see if we blind ourselves? In the end, we know how low our nature of acceptance is but to God, Love. Let us be bowed to His Will and His right guidance. And when My servants ask you about Me, I am close to you: I respond to any supplicant’s dua (prayer) when they call on Me (Quran 2:186);

Husband & Wife love /Child Pregnancy Hajat, the most effective & the most strong Dua’s & many more

Jharoka Lamp

Jharoka LampThe Jharoka Lamp background from Lal Haveli and old Mughal traditional, The flair of the orient, gives your room more beautiful. The ceramic Wall Lamp is a sight-seeing attraction even though it displays an enticing blue and white clay color or sunlight. This created piece of art. The light will last for decades, as it consists of vintage-looking Multani Pottery with a simple coloring and a superb color made from two mixed color glass. For the prevention of fading or scratching, Colored Glasses are used. Wipe it clean with a dry tissue. Rub a lightly moist cloth with a touch of lemon applied to it when you see a stain.

Bull-Tag Karahi

Bull-Tag Karrahi


This new pottery karahi looks interesting. It has intricate patterns of ocean blue. Hand-painted by skilled craftsmen and custom-crafted. The glaze is hand-placed for craftsmanship. Multan made. This karahi is for foods like chicken karahi, curry, and qormas. It is not recommended to cook in these carries.

Bull-Tag Handi

Bull-Tag HandiA unique piece from our list of congratulations. This blue blessings handi is made of pottery and is kind enough to serve any food. Handmade by the Multan craftsmen. It is not advisable to eat. To small groups, it’s a small handi. In this unique masterpiece, Karahi, Palak, and many more can be presented at home.